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Xiamen Arrow-tech Electronic Co., Ltd, established in Aug. 2003, is a
professional LCD manufacturer in the south of China. It composed of a
group of experienced engineers and a group of skilled workers .We are specialized in designing and producing a wide range of standard character and graphic LCD Modules in TN, STN, FSTN mode, customer designed is also available.
Light Method


Reflective displays have a full reflector. They cannot be backlit.

It is necessary to use type under ambient light condition.

In this condition, they offer the lowest power option and

the best contrast. They are not available in "negative image".


Transflective displays combine the features of reflective

and transmissive modes. These positive image displays

can be read in all lighting conditions.

The backlight can be turned on for low light levels or

operated continuously to add the light-emitting look to a product.


Transmissive displays are usually backlit for best readability.

They can be used in well lit indoor conditions to dark environments,

typically not recommended for daylight usage.

They offer a different appearance than typical LCDs,

bringing a light emitting look to the product.

* In case of B, no reflector is used.

* A backlight is always used.

LCD Basic Tech

Light Method

Mounting Method

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